Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is an innovative way to shield your home from the elements. The material is made of durable metal that can be molded into a variety of styles and colors. It's not just for protecting your home against rain, wind, hail, and snow; it also adds significant curb appeal to your house by enhancing the natural beauty of its design! 

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Supreme Exterior

Columbus, Ohio's Best Metal Roofing Company

Supreme Exterior LLC in Columbus, Ohio, is the best metal roofing company that offers a range of metal roofing services for residential and commercial properties. We have been serving the local community for years, so you can always count on us to offer top-notch workmanship that will last! At Supreme Exterior LLC, we understand how important it is to protect your home from harsh weather conditions throughout the year. That is why we offer roofing services that are designed to address your specific needs. We will work with you directly to discuss the numerous metal roof options available, and our experts can help you decide on which type of material best suits your property's style. 

We also understand how crucial superior customer service is for all homeowners; this is why we only hire the most dedicated and hardworking roofing professionals to work on your home. Each one of our employees is extensively trained in all aspects of metal roof installation, so you can always count on us for a first-class experience from start to finish! 

Expert Metal Roofers for Your Homes

Some owners choose not to hire expert metal roofers for their homes. They are far more likely to put up with any problems, including leaks. If you have no interest in taking care of your own roofing needs, why not hire someone else? 

Choosing the top metal roofer in your area may be a challenge. There are many roofing contractors in your area. In Columbus, Ohio, Supreme Exterior LLC is a name you can trust. Our roofers provide homeowners with exceptional service. We will do everything we can to ensure that you get the roofing solution you deserve, without any hassles or headaches along the way. 


Mike Hartlaub
Mike Hartlaub
I hired them to replace my siding and window frames. I was beyond happy with the finished product. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed with very quickly. Eric was great. He was on site both days that the work was being done. My only regret is that I didn't take a before and after picture. My house looks brand new. It looks like a completely different house. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any exterior work.
Marcie Sakash
Marcie Sakash
Had a great experience overall with Supreme Exterior. The owner was very responsive to all of my questions and the crew did an excellent job replacing my gutters and downspouts completing the project in one day. I plan on using their services again and would highly recommend using them!
David Tebben
David Tebben
We had Supreme Exterior repair and wrap the soffits on a new to us house we recently purchased and pour a new concrete front walk and two sets of back steps (each two steps high). They were very quick to come out and give an estimate (that we were happy with). But the best part was the actually showed up to do the work when they said they would. The crews (siding and concrete were done by different crews at different times) were both very professional and efficient. They did a fantastic job, and now the house has so much more curb appeal. I highly recommend Supreme Exterior.
Benjamin Gradisek
Benjamin Gradisek
Liron came the same day to give me a quote and had his crew there the next day. One thing was missed and he handed me back the check and said to give it to me after it was corrected, which was the next day. Will be using them for more exterior repairs soon, and will recommend them to anyone who needs anything in their wheelhouse done.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis
These guys rock. They take pride in standing behind their work and getting things done right! I was also very impressed with communication, anytime I needed Jordan he would answer right away or be in touch within a few minutes! Thanks again guys for such a quick turn around, and a job well done!!
Heather Swan
Heather Swan
They were professional, timely, and went above and beyond to complete the work for us! Highly recommend!
Dennis Overholts
Dennis Overholts
My experience with Supreme Exteriors has been one with lots of ups and downs as with any construction project: the owner is a man of integrity and has taken time to come to my home double checking all my questions and concerns making everything right. He has been amazing listening to me and my concerns going above and beyond to make me happy. Thank you very much!!!!
Joseph Vouis
Joseph Vouis
quick turnaround from contact to install, and got them in right before a big storm too

Benefits of Metal Roofs 

Metal roofs are becoming a popular choice among homeowners because of the many benefits that they offer. Metal roofs are not just metal shingles placed on top of traditional roofing material, but instead an entirely new type of construction with its own set of unique features and advantages. 

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Metal roofs do not require much maintenance. 
  • There is a wide variety of colors available to choose from 
  • Metal roofs are energy efficient, which can save on monthly utility bills for the homeowner. They also cut down on heat transfer into a home during hot summer months and cold winter months. 
  • Depending on the manufacturer's warranty, they are highly durable, with some metal roofing systems being warrantied for up to 50 years or more. This means they can last a long time while saving money on roof repairs. 
  • They are environmentally friendly because they need less material to build them and do not contain any toxic chemicals or materials that could harm the environment. 
  • Metal roofs add value to your home when it comes time for selling. 
  • And a lot more. 

Is Metal Roof for Me? 

If you wonder whether metal roofs are ideal for your homes, it is essential to know that this roofing type has a lot of benefits. It comes in unique styles and colors, making it an ideal choice for any home or building, whether modern or traditional. 

To better help you out, metal roofs are ideal for the following types of homes: 

  • Modern Homes - Metal roofs are suitable for modern-style homes. It has a sleek and stylish look that perfectly complements the contemporary designs in many modern houses today. This type gives your house an overall clean look, especially if it is painted with neutral colors or any color that matches its material composition. 
  • Traditional Style Homes - If you love the traditional styles of homes, then metal roofs are ideal for your home. It has a classic and rustic look that will perfectly suit the design found in older houses built with wood or stone materials. This type also gives an overall clean appearance to your home, especially if it is painted with colors like browns and greens, which match the natural colors of metal. 

Metal Roof Installation and Replacement

If you need metal roofing system installations or replacements in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can trust our team of professionals. We have been providing quality roofing services for years! Our skilled technicians will handle all aspects of your metal roofing project so that you can rest easily knowing it is being taken care of by one company. From assessment and consultation to installation and replacement, we are with you every step of the way. 

Metal Roof Repair 

Our roofers are also experts in metal roof repair services. We use the best materials in the market to help get your roofs back in working condition. Our services are affordable, and we will beat any written estimate. We offer free quotes and work with property owners throughout Columbus, Ohio, and all neighboring areas. 

Metal Roof Maintenance

Just like any other roof material, metal roofs are not immune to damage. That is why regular roof maintenance is recommended. Like different roof types, metal roofs need to be inspected regularly for signs of damage and wear and tear. If you notice any issues or cracks on your metal roofing, do not hesitate to contact a professional contractor who can repair it for you. Call our team today to get started with your roof maintenance service. 

Reasons To Choose Supreme Exterior LLC For Your Homes 

Supreme Exterior LLC is a leading roofing company in the area. We are known for our high-quality work and professional attitude towards all our customers. If you are looking to change your roofs or have them regularly maintained, we can help you create a solution that will fit your needs.

Our team at Supreme Exterior LLC understands how important it is to have a beautiful home or business. We offer top-of-the-line products and services at affordable prices. We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your needs are met while staying within budget. Be one of our satisfied customers today.