Roofing a House

"We had so many things we needed to get done, the contractor had discussed with us quite a few options as far as roofing a house goes..I mean , what do I know about Roofing a House for god's sake? Lucky for me Eric's guys had finished the job within a few days , leaving me super happy knowing that at that point , all I had left was to just point at a kitchen sink pic and that was about it" -- The aforementioned is a text sent by Nina - a recent customer , to her dear mother -Ada , upon the day when she discovered her roof was leaking.

Moving to a new house? Remodeling your existing house? here are a few tips concerning roofing a house!

If you're asking yourself "How to Roof a House?" , well the least we can do is hand out a quick checklist you'll need to follow.. so here are the basic and mandatory required tools:

Air compressor ,work gloves, Caulk Gun, Air Hose , Chalk Line, Circular Saw, extension Ladder, Roof Harness, Specially made Roof nails, scaffolding, stapler, Straightedge and Tin Snips

Roofing a House also requires some materials that go hand in hand with the Tools mentioned; having said that you'll need materials such as: #15 or #30 Felt underlayment , drip edges, hook blades, Asphalt shingles as well as a few more roofing materials which may vary depending on the house you wish to roof.

Roofing a House is by all means a serious process , and while youngsters or veterans may find it easy, other parts of the population may refrain from taking initiative - hands on that is.

If you're about to renovate a roof , or if say one of your family members is at a point where they simply need an advice or a quote , simply pick up the phone and give us a call, and we shall hand over the best Estimate possible , suitable for your needs.