Gutter Guard Installation

About to install a gutter guard? here are a few things you should know

  • Always use the right precautions as far as climbing up your roof goes.
  • Make sure you have covers which are in the right measurements , make sure it all fits.
  • Make sure the Gutter Guard Installation is being handled by a contractor who has enough experience installing Gutter Guards (if you decide in favor of DIY , make sure to actually go over the different stages of gutter installation, rehearse the stages and ensure you are indeed using the right materials and tools made for it).
  • Your desired Gutter Guard is essentially a thick metal net. Make sure to go for the best quality (of Gutter guard) .
  • Clean your Gutter prior to Gutter guard installation.

When it comes to Gutter Guard Installation it is preferable that you check the durability of the gutter itself prior to installing your new gutter guard.