Installation, Repairing & Servicing of all types of Roofing system. Yes, we are a Columbus, Ohio based roof repair company. There's nothing we enjoy more than providing a rather wide scale of local customers an array of roofing related services.

In case you need an inspection done, we are the right guys for the task, simply call us up and we would be delighted to show up after talking over the phone of course, handing over our very best and most competitive offer as per your roof repair. In addition to that, if you are located in Columbus, Ohio and you are in a need of siding services in Columbus, Ohio - well guess again! Our guys here at Supreme Exterior LLC Columbus, Ohio will see to it you get nothing less than the best service possible! And yes, if you are on a search for a roofing company in Columbus, Ohio, it is super plausible that in the process where your roof is being replaced or renovated, you would have to do the siding to your house too. When we dive into brand new siding projects, in most cases we would also do the gutters. Yup! We do seamless gutters, regular gutters, you name it! In case you're reading these very lines, and it is around March or April, you should have your roof inspected and most likely order an on-site roof inspection. Whilst getting yourself wrapped up in one the little tasks revolving your new roofing project, you should also know Supreme Exterior LLC is also a New-windows-for-the-house contractor in Columbus, Ohio.

Deciding on a new set of windows for the house could turn out to be a rather lengthy task, as you would have to be on top of quite a few topics such as the material, the color, the rails etc. Another fun fact about us being a roof repair company from Columbus, Ohio, is that as a very hard-working and industrious family owned business, we strive to please. I.E. our pricing is super competitive, hence, if you call us up with a competitive offer, we shall match and beat that offer - so long the same set of services is being offered by our competitor. On top of that and as the Columbus roofing company that we are, we take a lot of pride in our skills and expertise. Our roofing and siding team is consisted of super professional as well as experienced roofing mechanics. Our roofing mechanics are more than accustomed to showing up on-site, just to see a problematic or neglected roof, and turning it into a hermetically yet beautifully sealed roof.


Storm Damage calls for roof repairs

Repairing all kinds of roof-damage caused by storms and or other weather-related damages. Everybody knows just how catastrophic the repercussions of a storm can be. Glass gets shuttered, windows may break totally or even get rooted out leaving us with substantial roof damage. Other parts to your property that can get damaged by the aforementioned reasons, such as your skylight.

When windows, rails, gutters, downspouts or skylights get damaged due to weather damages there's one thing most of us would start thinking about: "How do I line up as many roofing companies as I can just so I can put this hassle behind me". Yes, once us east coasters undergo an uninvited storm, it hurts our sense of safety. That sense of safety gets divided into two main categories: body damages and damage to our assets and properties. Obviously, it is super important to say you should always look out when it comes to storm damage. Simply stay home if you can and make sure both you and your loved ones are protected at all times. Now, let us discuss the second category: Damage to your Property. If you're reading these lines post storm and you know for a fact your roof had been damaged by it, do not postpone attending to your roof's needs. Call up quite a few roofing companies (we're located in Columbus, Ohio, but you should call up a roofing company near you), describe the damage caused to your roof, skylight, gutters or windows - and get some quotes for that roof repair.

We here at Supreme Exterior LLC will make sure to hand out the best and most professional offers possible. Once you have had the chance to go over the different quotes received on your end, compare those to our offer, call us up in case you have some questions and upon our arrival at the scene you should be able to get a super conclusive offer. Once more, as the responsible roofing company that we are, it is very important to go ahead and say that we'd expect our potential clients to always describe the roofing project to the best of their ability.

In many cases, we would have to show up at the scene so we can give you our on-site estimate - as anyone could have some stuff missed out on in the absence of some super helpful visuals concerning your required roof repair. If your roof underwent a storm visit, please feel free to contact us and we shall see to it you get the best and most comprehensive roof repair possible.


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A home or property is one of the most important and valuable objects for a person. We provide the maintenance and care your property deserves.

Supreme Exterior LLC provides a complete range of maintenance and repair services for all kinds of properties.

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